My very own

Oh. MyGod.
FINALLY! I can finally finally tell you guys, I wanna jump up and down and scream out for all the world to know:

I´ve gotten my very own WWW.MRSELLE.COM !

I love love love my new blog, up up and away I go from :-)
I am so excited, I feel like blogging for the rest of my life at this moment!
I hope you like my simple but feminine blog design, and I would highly appreciate it if you guys would continue to follow me and my blog <3

Personal trainer at Espern

Hi everyone! It´s finally Friday, I am so ready for a weekend, and not least for our plans this weekend. Do you have any plans? :-)
I have joyful news! My little brother has been hired as a personal trainer at Espern here in Hamar *yey*!
He´s been dreaming about this job since he arrived Norway again, so we´re all so happy for him. So now we are planning on how to advertise him as much as possible, it´s time to turn on the creative part of the brain again! If you´re in need of guidance, advices or motivation help in regards of training, this is the guy, as for Elmoon at Espern!
Happy as can be, and love training above all :-)
Visit his facebook page HERE, HERE and HERE:

(I´ve learned to make this with help from youtube, here, try it for yourself, it´s so easy!)


"Style is a magic wand, and turns everything to gold that it touches"

Hi, everyone!
I´ve taken these pictures and edited them earlier, so I´m only retreiving them from my archive and am posting from my cellphone
as I don´t have much time to blog. But I´ll be back later today with more comprehensive blog post! Stay tuned!
Hope you like the photos, I´ve just gotten the taste of vintage photos so you can expect more of these from now on :-)


DIY project: Tea cup candles

Good evening, lovely people! How´s your day so faar? :-)
While my brother is talking and talking and talking on my left, I try to keep my focus and write a sensible blog post. He must be the most talkative boy I know of, he has always something on his heart he´d very much like to share ;-) *hehe* Gotta loove that! Well, even though I´ve had a busy day, I´ve managed to squeeze in this little project of mine in my day schedule. Since we´ve used lots of candles in December, I´ve managed to collect a whole plastic bag. It was more than enough, I ended up with 3 cups, and still I have leftovers enough for at least two more cups. So I plan to buy some extra nice cups tomorrow and make presents out of them. But here was the result of today, hope you like the pictures, but better if I can inspire others so try as well :D!

(The candlewicks are bought from Panduro Hobby, 10 pieces for 46kr.)

I put the cup in a large pot and filled it with water to boil (on low heat). The colours of my used candles were of white, pink and red.

I didn´t have the time or energy to hold the candlewick and wait until the candle tallow had stiffen, so I used two knives to hold it up.

As you can see, the colour result is pink/red-ish, I´m very satisfied. :-)
And especially the hubby, since I picked one of his I-love-sport-and-am-so-manly-cups ;-)

What do you think of the project? :-)


I´ve been saving up for this project

I´ve been inspired to try out a DIY (do it yourself) project from this blog, click.
So I´ve been saving up from used candles since Christmas, and now I have a whole plastic bag full.
The only thing I need is candlewick (veker), and then I´m ready to go. Stay tuned!

As for now, I´ve got so much preparations to do, we´re soon expecting family visitors! :-) Talk to you later, sweetie pies!


I am 1 of 6

GOOD morning, sweeties! I just wanted to stop by and share some joyful news!
I got an email from Monique Lund, it seems I am 1 of 6 winners of Olay!
I get one set with daycream, nightcream, serum and eyecream! *joy*
I loove Monique´s blog, she´s so beautiful and sophisticated, LOVE!

(From Monique´s blog)


"You don't take a photograph, you make it."

Good evening, world! In our little break from Prison Break marathon, I just wanted to share some photos I took yesterday. We drove a friend to the airport and said our goodbyes before we drove a little further to visit family/friends. Now that we´re all grown up, spread around the country/world and have our everyday life keeping us busy, the contact doesn´t always remain the same as before. But when you find the loopwhole in your week-schedule and finally find the time to get together, it´s so nice to feel like nothing has ever really changed between you. It´s like you´ve never been apart; like you´re back in the good old days as if you´re 16 again. That feeling is one of the best that I know of <3


Wish you all a good evening, and for others: a good night.
Talk to you tomorrow again, lovely readers!


I remember I was higher than the Empire State

Hello, blog! I have officially checked out all that is to check out on my todays to-do-list, even though the workout was cut shorter that planned (only 30min), that still counts enough.
Well now that the chores are done, my true 2nd of January can begin. You see, my first kiss with Aksel has anniversary today! At exactly 18:47, we had our first kiss 7 years ago :-) I know, this is a strange anniversary to celebrate, but we like to keep our little traditions and celebrate everything that can be celebrated, especially now that we´re married. Who says that ones first kiss isn´t memorable enough for an extra nice 02.01.2013, with litted candles on the table and a glass of whine and laugh about that time when we played in the snow at the football field, and then he suddenly kissed me. I still can´t remember the way back home, as I had stars in my eyes and was higher than the Empire State. 2nd of January 2006 at 18:46 in my heart, always <3

(Picture borrowed from google.)

Do you remember your first kiss? :-)


Second morning of the year

Good morning everyone! Hope you´ve had a good nights sleep and are ready for day number two of the year. How´s your new years resolutions, are they still holding on strong two days after? ;-) Well, I´ve decided to implement my resolutions today, and I believe in the strategy of treading lightly. I wouldn´t want to loose hope and fail just steps ahead from the starting point.. ;-) As you can see, some of my boring chores (except for blogging ofcourse<3) are put down on paper, så now there´s no escape. But before I can start anything, I have to go to the bacement and pick up some boxes.. It´s in these desperate times it´s great to have a dog that will follow you everywhere, and best of all: aren´t (hopefully) scared of potential ghosts! *haha* Well, I better get starting. Wish everyone a splendid and productive day! Smile and be HAPPY :D Talk to you later, my loves!


Yes please to which one of them?

(All of the pictures are borrowed from


Game mania

I don´t usually play often on my cellphone, I have never been that much fond of games, but this time I am all hooked with

1. Jewel Mania
2. BubbleSeason
3. Flow Free

Do you play any of these games, or do you recommend something better?:D


I said goodbye to the old year and welcomed the new year in white

Hello everyone!:) I never got the time to show you some pictures of what I wore yesterday. Since I hadn´t planned an outfit, I just went with my white mood and the result was white almost all the way. We went for a walk with Lola some time before midnight, and around 23.45, we took her inside the car with lots of dog snacks and the radio on. I got my midnight kiss and hopefully 2013 will be as great as our little family celebration. :-) How was your celebration of the new year? The only thing I missed yesterday, was the shooting of fireworks time. When I was younger, I can recall that the celebration could go around for one hour more (at the most, if I remember correctly that is), but I guess the fireworks are more expensive now and stricter rules about them have arised  (which is positive also in a way). Other than that, my 2012 end was as good as it gets for me :-) Prepare yourself for me-me-me-pictures!

Have a wonderful evening, and wish you a great first day of the new year :D!


Hello 2013


"New Year's Day is every man's birthday."

Now that this year is coming to an end, we usually stop for a moment and take a look back.
We take the time to recollect 2012´s precious moments,
mistakes, achievings, losses, new acquaintances as well as disappointments.
But we also take the time to look at the year the come.
Despite any disappointments, let´s not let the past take the best of us; let´s not loose hope.
Despite any mistakes we´ve done,
let´s not make them who we are, let´s translate them into valuable lessons that we can learn from.
As they always have, also days in 2013 will offer its share of new challenges and opportunities.
Let´s continue to always try our best, continue to turn the negative into something positive, continue to love and cherish one another.
Let´s make 2013 our year; the year that all of our dreams come true.
Happy happy new year everyone <3

♔ fashion girl ♔
(The pictures are all taken and edited by me, except for the last, it´s borrowed from


"Dust is a protective coating for fine furniture."

Since my last post, I have been planning to do a workout in the gymroom, but I haven´t got that far -yet. We´ve been doing some choirs in the apartment, and now our bedroom, along with the rest of the apartment- is ready for the new year. I´ve also been doing some paparazzi work, so here are some photos taken from the room. Now that this is done, we´re off to the bacement to get rid of some trash, and then we´re off to do some exercise. My dear kettlebell have missed some swinging the last month! :D And then we´re ready for shower and glam before making the last dinner of the year. Am I ready? YES :D


Waking up to the last day of the year

Good morning, world! How are you today? I clearly woke up on the right side of the bed today, it´s been a long time since I´ve felt so energized. Perhaps it was because of the exercise yesterday and the healthy food we completed yesterday with. Whatever the reason, I feel good! And I actually want to finish 2012 with another go at the gym. First, I have to let the breakfast sink, and while waiting, I might as well clean up a bit in the apartment so it can welcome the new year clean and nice looking. What plans do you have for today? Are you ready for glam-time? I don't have any plans whatsoever on what to wear.. But I´ll find something -a girl always do ;-) Well, I better be going, but I´ll definitely talk to you later showing off some pictures! I can´t wait! Have a lovely last 2012-morning, lovely lovely people of the world! :D


360 degrees turnover

Good evening, lovely readers <3
A couple of hours ago, I bragged about 3 course dinner with my hubby. Our argument was that all of the Christmas food had to be eaten, så why not enjoy it for ourselves. This felt so good pre-eating and during, but afterwards on the other hand... I never thought I could ever feel so full in my tummy, but today I have (I´m well aware that this is a "luxury problem" as starvation is worldwide problem...). We thought, well, since there´s today before the celebration of the new year tomorrow at midnight, why not use one more day of the remaining 2012 and just eat and chill. We suddenly took a 360 turnover and decided to go to the gym room downstairs and exercise for an hour. Through the whole Christmas vacationI haven´t exercised as much as I planned, so I when we were finished, I felt like I almost had exercised for the whole next year. Anyways, it always feels so good afterwards, so we´re going to use the remaining hours of today being healthy -and hopfeully continue this tomorrow (and especially from 1.1.2013!).

We are now ready for a healthy attack on healthy pancakes and healthy mandarine ice cream, so that when we go to bed, we will feel 100% healthy :D

And before I forget, I finally made myself a twitter account (it´s exactly 4 days old, but in 2 days I can
say that it´s from last year..*hehe*), you´re welcome to follow me (I always follow back!),
I update more often there. :-)
Wish you all a lovely evening <3


Movies for your fairytale heart

I just wanted to check in to recommend thrre movies I have become fond of this Christmas:

1. Mirror mirror
2. Brave
3. Ever after (Evig din in Norwegian)

If you haven´t seen any of them yet, I kind of envy you, because I would like to re-experience my first time with them!:D
Wonderful movies (in my opinion), and hope you´ll like them as well.

1. Mirror mirror

2. Brave

3. Ever after (Evig din in Norwegian)

(All of the pictures are borrowed from google.)

We have just come home from a 1,5 hour walk outside, and we actually met another woman with a staffy, only hers was 6 years old. "Berta" was her name, but the owner liked to call her "tjukke-Berta", the dog was 19kg heavy, even though it was a girl! Our little isn´t much more than 12kg (for now), but because of their little size and fit body, I have problems telling this breeds weight.
Anyway, I´m going to help the hubby in the kitchen, preparing for our 3 course dinner *yey, we´re celebrating todays activeness,haha* :D
Wish you all a lovely evening, see you later!


Morning bliss

Good morning, beautiful readers! Is it a good morning? :D

The weather in Hamar is so mild that most of the snow has melted. It is so icy! By looking out the window, it almost looks like spring time.
Taking the dog for a walk was heavy training if you ask me, most of my muscles were 100% ON the whole time, I walked as stiff as an ice pin. Anyways, speaking of (the dog), we believe that she has become housetrained as she hasn´t been peeing or pooping inside the appartment for quite some time. So we´ve decided to use our old carpet again; hopefully we won´t regret this.

We had dinner company yesterday as one of my friends in Hamar is soon moving to Canada. She is going to study there for a semester, but who knows, maybe she´ll fall in love with the country so bad that she´ll even consider staying there forever? :-) Either way, I´m loosing a dear friend here in Hamar, and although it´s a bit sad, I also wish her all the best of luck. Studying abroad is the best thing you can do while you´re still young and "free" (in my opinion). Getting to know her has been so much fun as it turned out that we were from the same town up north.
Maybe we can hang out again once we both move back to our childhood town, who knows ;-)!
As it´s Sunday and we woke up so late that we missed the beginning of Sunday mass, we´ve decided to go for a walk in the woods,
hopefully the paths won´t be so icy as on the roads. What are your plans for today, and how the weather there?



Expecting our miss Canada

Most of this day have gone with fixing something secret, a little surprise that I´ll share when the time is ready. I´m very excited, and hope that you all will like it :-)
What I can share though, is that we are expecting company, one cozy goodbye before she´s taking off to Canada to live life :D
Since Aksel is the chef, my only responsibility in the kitchen is washing up after him (I don´t think those pictures are worth sharing though) and setting up the table.


2013, I´m waiting for you

Good morning, world!
I have actually been awake for the last 2 hours. The past days,
we haven´t got up from bed before around 10-11-11.30,
but this clearly have to change. The time goes by so fast, now there´s only
a couple of days before the school starts again,
so it´s time to get ahead of this and prepare myself for the daily life and daily rutines.
This brings me to what I really wanted to talk about: we´re about to step into
a new year and I am so ready and so excited!

Wishes for 2013:
-arrange a bachelorette party
-vitness at least 1 wedding
-feel more beautiful in my own skin
-eat more healthy
-be more active
-make our bedroom perfect
-make lots of to-do-lists!
-make sensible economical choices (...)
-try out new things
-have fun without regrets
-take beautiful pictures
-make new everylasting memories with friends and family
-be more grateful for everyday things
-wake up earlier to start my day
-laugh more

2013, take me with storm, surprise me, be good to me, be my year <3



(The pictures from above are from


"Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I think not!"

But the dessert doesn´t have to be unhealthy! ;-)
I made this for Christmas eve, and it was such a success that I had to repeat it today.
If you like sour candy, this is just the dessert for you!

It is so easy peasy to make it, all you need is two plastic bags of mandarines, and one lemon.
You cut the mandarines in half and squeeze the juice into a little container (I used a lunch box) that fits in the freezer.
And do remember to remove the seeds.

When you´re finished with all of the mandarines, you cut a lemon in half and use either one half or both of them (it depends how sour you´d like it to be);
squeeze its juice into the container and pour one spoon of sugar as well. At last, you use the spoon to stir, and voilà.
Put the top on the box, and put the whole thing in the freezer (just make sure it stands solid, you don´t want mandarines juice spilled in there...).
Wait for a few hours, and then you´ve made yourself a healthy dessert!

Just remember that is you´re expecting guests, make sure to take out the box a little before you plan to serve it, as it needs time to melt up a bit. ;-)


"A good snapshot stops a moment from running away."

Morning, lovlies! How are you today? I´ve slept like a baby tonight, but still I feel tired. Perhaps this eat-as-much-as-you-can-and-stay-up-late-lifestyle isn´t that preferable much longer... Anyway,
among other great things, I got a new cellphone for Christmas. As always with new things, I want them to "remain" as new as possible, that I even let the plastic-thingy remain as looong as possible. I know, it´s so silly, I even laugh about it myself, but it´s clearly not silly enough as I continue with this old habit of mine. Do you want to see my new wallpaper? It´s the cutest thing ever:

Before I forget the intention behind the post title, I was actually going to say that since I´m new with my new cellphone (and I´m not so technical advanced),
it took me a while to figure out how to transfer photos to my computer. So I´ve got some, in my opinion,
lovely photos that I wish to share with you. They were all taken from our Mjøsa walk yesterday.
Pssst: As you can see, the little princess of ours is wearing pink, just as her mother ;-) *hihi*


Serena VS. Blair

And for once I actually choose Blair.
Look and choose for yourself:

Click to visit the original post



Freshly minted Mr and Mrs Chuck Bass (Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick) --in matching accessories!--- are taken into police custody for questioning surrounding the death of Bart Bass!

(The other pictures are from google.)


"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."

George Bernard Shaw once said that "A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing." Well, here was my mistake.
Since we (Aksel and I) wasn´t going up north for Christmas, we thought that we could spend the holidays driving around in South visiting friends and family. Before Christmas, Aksel found out that something was wrong with the car. So beacuse of its condition, Aksel didn´t want to go for a long drive. Since I´m me, and I am numero uno for wife-nagging, I managed to nag myself into a visit to friends of my family that lives by Lillestrøm. My main argument was the "short" distance. Well, to cut a long story short, the car (lets say) "disappointed" us after one hour on the road (and only 30 minutes left of driving), so we had to make a U-turn and drive back home. Towards Hamar, the road was heavily trafficked, and the car stood still for what then seemed to be an eternity. We had to cancel our visit, and 2,5 hours after we had driven out of Hamar, we were right back again. The good part is that the car lasted all the way home, but it took a while before we started laughing at this. If we gaze the situation with a positive attitude, we may conclude that mistakes are made for learning. And trust me, no more wife-nagging. For a while at least . . ;-)

These days have made a true impact on our bodies, we have almost done nothing but to eat, eat and eat some more.
Our days start at around 10.30, and we don´t go to sleep before around 02.00 o´clock! I had really been looking forward to this life style when reading for my exam, but a change is ringing today.
I never thought that I would say this, but I actually wish to be active today!
We have already made plans about a long ang playful walk with our Lola and grocery shop fruit and other more healthy food alternatives.
Hope that everyone still have a lovely Thursday! I know I am ;-)
Talk to you later, lovely readers <3


Our Christmas

Good morning lovlies! :-)
How´s your morning? We weren´t in bed until the clock was around 03.15 or something, so I´m still a bit tired. But oh what a night, what a night! We made ourselves some midnight snack (omelette with pieces of bacon and salami on two slices of bread, YUMMI!) before finally opening our gifts. Aksel had been nagging about then for quite som time, but this year, I was actually the patient one. Tradition is tradition!
We wish to thank you all so much for our presents, we are so blessed for having so many wonderful people in our lives. I hope your Christmas was as white and bright as ours. :-)
Have a great day, my sweet readers <3


Home from midnight mass


For me, nothing says Christmas eve like a midnight mass. We came home four minutes ago and we are finally ready to open our gifts! Perhaps we´ll make ourselves a night snack as well? I´m so excited!

Stay tuned for more pictures of our Christmas tomorrow!


Have yourself a merry little Christmas

 Hei alle fine lesere!
Da er endelig dagen vi har ventet og gledet oss til, kommet! Hvordan har julemorgen deres vært? Håper den har vært fin, vår morgenstund i stua er nemlig ikke ferdig enda. Tre nøtter til Askepott er på TV´n, og vi er alle samlet på sofaen og kooser oss. Selv om vi egentlig bør begynne å røre på oss da det er mye som skal gjøres i dag, men tradisjonen tilsier at den skal ses ferdig før dagen kan begynne. Det er litt kjedelig å ikke våkne opp til familien i Kirkenes, men situasjonen er nå slik at vi er her, og da må man gjøre det beste utav det. Hvem sier at julen ikke kan bli like koselig med mann og voffsedatter i hus? :D Vi har jo begynt å lage egne tradisjoner etter at vi har blitt gift, og en av tingene vi har innført, er midnattsmesse kl 24.00 , og ettersom Jesu fødsel egentlig ikke er før i morgen, skal vi vente med å åpne opp gavene etter messen. Så det blir en laang og superkoselig julenatt på oss! Jeg gleder meg som et lite barn!! Også har vi selvfølgelig også inkludert Lola i julegleden, vi har nemlig pakket inn tørrfisk til Lola som vi kjøpte på opphørssalg på Hero´s. Denne var hun helt klart interessert i allerede i butikken, så det blir morsomt å se henne lukte seg fram til den beste hundejulegaven under treet. Håper alle har noen å feire jul med, og ønsker alle en fantastisk jul! Juleklem fra meg <3


Hello lovely readers!
THE day has finally come, the day that we´ve been waiting and looking forward to for so long! How has your Christmas morning been so far? I hope it has been good, our morning in the livingroom isn´t quite finished yet. Tre nøtter til Askepott (Three nuts for Cinderella in English) is on the TV and the three of us are on the sofa, enjoying ourselves. Even though we should probably get moving since there´s a lot to do today, but the tradition says that we have to finish the movie first. It´s a bit sad not walking up to our family in Kirkenes, men we just have to accept the situation as it is, so we have to just make the best of it. Who says that Christmas won´t be cozy with your husband and the doggydaughter? :D After being married, we have begun to make our own traditions in our little family, and one of them is to attend midnight mass at 24.00, and since the birth of Jesus isn´t before tomorrow, we have decided to await the opening of gifts until after the mass. So it´s going to be a loong and supercozy Christmas night ahead! And I´m looking forward to it as a little child! We have of course included Lola in the Christmas joy, we have actually rapped in "dryfish" for her. She had already taken a huge interest in this in the pet store, so it will be so much fun watching her smell her way to this present. Hope that everyone have someone to celebrate Christmas with, and I wish everyone from near and afar a wonderful Christmas! Christmas hug from me <3


DECEMBER: make my wishes come true


Black & white for a white Christmas

Ønsker alle en fin lillejulaften! <3

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