My very own

Oh. MyGod.
FINALLY! I can finally finally tell you guys, I wanna jump up and down and scream out for all the world to know:

I´ve gotten my very own WWW.MRSELLE.COM !

I love love love my new blog, up up and away I go from :-)
I am so excited, I feel like blogging for the rest of my life at this moment!
I hope you like my simple but feminine blog design, and I would highly appreciate it if you guys would continue to follow me and my blog <3

Personal trainer at Espern

Hi everyone! It´s finally Friday, I am so ready for a weekend, and not least for our plans this weekend. Do you have any plans? :-)
I have joyful news! My little brother has been hired as a personal trainer at Espern here in Hamar *yey*!
He´s been dreaming about this job since he arrived Norway again, so we´re all so happy for him. So now we are planning on how to advertise him as much as possible, it´s time to turn on the creative part of the brain again! If you´re in need of guidance, advices or motivation help in regards of training, this is the guy, as for Elmoon at Espern!
Happy as can be, and love training above all :-)
Visit his facebook page HERE, HERE and HERE:

(I´ve learned to make this with help from youtube, here, try it for yourself, it´s so easy!)

"Style is a magic wand, and turns everything to gold that it touches"

Hi, everyone!
I´ve taken these pictures and edited them earlier, so I´m only retreiving them from my archive and am posting from my cellphone
as I don´t have much time to blog. But I´ll be back later today with more comprehensive blog post! Stay tuned!
Hope you like the photos, I´ve just gotten the taste of vintage photos so you can expect more of these from now on :-)

DIY project: Tea cup candles

Good evening, lovely people! How´s your day so faar? :-)
While my brother is talking and talking and talking on my left, I try to keep my focus and write a sensible blog post. He must be the most talkative boy I know of, he has always something on his heart he´d very much like to share ;-) *hehe* Gotta loove that! Well, even though I´ve had a busy day, I´ve managed to squeeze in this little project of mine in my day schedule. Since we´ve used lots of candles in December, I´ve managed to collect a whole plastic bag. It was more than enough, I ended up with 3 cups, and still I have leftovers enough for at least two more cups. So I plan to buy some extra nice cups tomorrow and make presents out of them. But here was the result of today, hope you like the pictures, but better if I can inspire others so try as well :D!

(The candlewicks are bought from Panduro Hobby, 10 pieces for 46kr.)

I put the cup in a large pot and filled it with water to boil (on low heat). The colours of my used candles were of white, pink and red.

I didn´t have the time or energy to hold the candlewick and wait until the candle tallow had stiffen, so I used two knives to hold it up.

As you can see, the colour result is pink/red-ish, I´m very satisfied. :-)
And especially the hubby, since I picked one of his I-love-sport-and-am-so-manly-cups ;-)

What do you think of the project? :-)

I´ve been saving up for this project

I´ve been inspired to try out a DIY (do it yourself) project from this blog, click.
So I´ve been saving up from used candles since Christmas, and now I have a whole plastic bag full.
The only thing I need is candlewick (veker), and then I´m ready to go. Stay tuned!

As for now, I´ve got so much preparations to do, we´re soon expecting family visitors! :-) Talk to you later, sweetie pies!

I am 1 of 6

GOOD morning, sweeties! I just wanted to stop by and share some joyful news!
I got an email from Monique Lund, it seems I am 1 of 6 winners of Olay!
I get one set with daycream, nightcream, serum and eyecream! *joy*
I loove Monique´s blog, she´s so beautiful and sophisticated, LOVE!

(From Monique´s blog)

"You don't take a photograph, you make it."

Good evening, world! In our little break from Prison Break marathon, I just wanted to share some photos I took yesterday. We drove a friend to the airport and said our goodbyes before we drove a little further to visit family/friends. Now that we´re all grown up, spread around the country/world and have our everyday life keeping us busy, the contact doesn´t always remain the same as before. But when you find the loopwhole in your week-schedule and finally find the time to get together, it´s so nice to feel like nothing has ever really changed between you. It´s like you´ve never been apart; like you´re back in the good old days as if you´re 16 again. That feeling is one of the best that I know of <3


Wish you all a good evening, and for others: a good night.
Talk to you tomorrow again, lovely readers!

I remember I was higher than the Empire State

Hello, blog! I have officially checked out all that is to check out on my todays to-do-list, even though the workout was cut shorter that planned (only 30min), that still counts enough.
Well now that the chores are done, my true 2nd of January can begin. You see, my first kiss with Aksel has anniversary today! At exactly 18:47, we had our first kiss 7 years ago :-) I know, this is a strange anniversary to celebrate, but we like to keep our little traditions and celebrate everything that can be celebrated, especially now that we´re married. Who says that ones first kiss isn´t memorable enough for an extra nice 02.01.2013, with litted candles on the table and a glass of whine and laugh about that time when we played in the snow at the football field, and then he suddenly kissed me. I still can´t remember the way back home, as I had stars in my eyes and was higher than the Empire State. 2nd of January 2006 at 18:46 in my heart, always <3

(Picture borrowed from google.)

Do you remember your first kiss? :-)

Second morning of the year

Good morning everyone! Hope you´ve had a good nights sleep and are ready for day number two of the year. How´s your new years resolutions, are they still holding on strong two days after? ;-) Well, I´ve decided to implement my resolutions today, and I believe in the strategy of treading lightly. I wouldn´t want to loose hope and fail just steps ahead from the starting point.. ;-) As you can see, some of my boring chores (except for blogging ofcourse<3) are put down on paper, så now there´s no escape. But before I can start anything, I have to go to the bacement and pick up some boxes.. It´s in these desperate times it´s great to have a dog that will follow you everywhere, and best of all: aren´t (hopefully) scared of potential ghosts! *haha* Well, I better get starting. Wish everyone a splendid and productive day! Smile and be HAPPY :D Talk to you later, my loves!

Yes please to which one of them?

(All of the pictures are borrowed from

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